The profiteers in the marijuana industry promise riches for states that legalize marijuana but make no mistake

– the only ones getting rich are the marijuana industry. State governments and society lose money whenever pot is legalized. Whether it is costs to employers, increases to social service costs, the rise in homelessness or the regulatory system created to manage the marijuana program, the marijuana industry doesn’t pay these costs. Instead, we all pay: citizens, employers, and state government.

Thus, any revenue is outweighed up by the societal costs attributed to legalization. This is just like tobacco and alcohol, where costs far outweigh revenues.

If you think Marijuana will bring in a budget windfall, think again.

In Illinois, a comprehensive cost study has found that legalization would cost our state $670.5 million, far outweighing estimated tax revenue projections of approximately $566 million.

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What will the cost be for minority communities in Illinois?

In Colorado, arrest rates are skyrocketing-- the opposite of the social justice narrative we were sold by the marijuana industry. (Source: Colorado Department of Public Safety, 2016)

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